Flash Fiction Friday

Perhaps it is not quite *yet* official, but declaring Friday as Flash Fiction Friday seems rather fitting. If for no other reason, the alliteration is nice, no? In honor of the first ever blog post for Limping Devil Press, we bring you some Flash Fiction goodness.

What is Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction contains classic story elements: protagonist, conflict, obstacle(s), and resolution. The limited number of words utilized to establish and convey these elements gives the mode its special twist. Sometimes referred to as micro-fiction, sudden fiction or short-short stories, an accepted definition of length has yet to be implemented. A brief tale written by Hemingway is often cited as an example of this storytelling mode: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” In six words he managed to capture something. Some writers use more and push the limits of word count to 1000 to tell their tales. Collections of stories that are within a word count of 150 have been published in book form. Around here, we look for stories around 300 words.

Give it a try?

We have a writing prompt for you: your character has just descended the stairs of a subway station in a large metropolis. It is between the heavy rush hours. What happens? What do they see? Who is around?

Like what you have written?

Consider sending us your story via our submissions page. We might publish it in our upcoming release or on our blog in a future post.

Happy Flash Fiction Friday, everyone!


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