Open and Ready for Submissions

In a quiet corner of the web, a door has opened. Inside, a shiny, new, virtual press stands ready to supply the readers of the world with fresh, new material.

Yes, a new opportunity to get your work out there has arrived. Though the term “soft opening” seems awkward when referenced with the literary world in mind the concept fits nicely here. No revelry, parades, or banging of pots. No. A simple whisper and a nudge from a new kid on the publishing block. As we wink in your general direction you may ask yourself what Limping Devil Press is looking for?

We confess our predisposition towards the Romantics – both the dark and the innocuous – the Modernists, and the magic of the Contemporary. Myth, William Blake’s energy and Rilke’s angels all have their place here. Byron, Bataille, and Borsuk, for easy reference. If you are unsure, ask us. We are happy to discuss our literary persuasions with you. Although we have our inclinations, an imaginative idea or notion is our primary guiding light; if we find it has a place in Limping Devil Press then we will publish it. Please visit our Submissions page for our guidelines for further details.

For the submission shy we say that one must start somewhere. We are fairly unassuming around here, so go on, show us what you have been working on.

Submit your work.


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