A Few Things: A Few Authors Worth Reading

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There are moments when you need a little something, something with the ability to breath new life into a beloved ritual. Perhaps it is not how you write, but where you write could use a change. Maybe the same goes for your reading repertoire. Should you need a few new names to add to your library or books for your nightstand, this post will offer a few people worth reading accompanied by suggestions on where to begin.

Marcel Schwob

A rather influential fellow. Wilde, Mallarme and Borges, plus several other big literary and artistic names, adored him. They dedicated their works to him. Strange that he is not discussed at length like Mallarmé and Gide. Schwob’s work The Book of Monelle was under the arm of every French Symbolist.

Srečko Kosovel

This Slovene poet has been noted as Rilke’s brother from another mother. He wrote hundreds of pieces in his lifetime. His work has many phases including impressionism, surrealism, and several movements in-between. Noted as the Slovenian Rimbaud, Srečko Kosovel is cherished as an icon of letters in his home country. Kosovel is accessible through the collection of poems Look Ahead, Look Back.

Robert Walser

I once learned of a man who determined the quality of a bookstore based on the availability of Robert Walser. For those who love him, it is serious, but who could blame them? Although he began his writing life as a poet, Walser writes intoxicating prose. It is his stories that make him known. Not all of his work has survived, but Jakob von Gunten is easy to find, if the bookstore is worth its salt.

Who do you read? Any favorites you think others should read?

Leave us a comment and let us know.


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