Writing Flash Fiction: Brevity for the Extreme

“I can speak briefly on long subjects.” – Anton Chekhov

Since we love flash fiction here at Limping Devil Press, we thought we would continue the Flash Fiction discussion from last Friday. The maximum amount of words used in a piece varies. Many writers and editors will set their own restrictions. With so many variations on word limits, we though it would be fun to use six words to come up with a story. Today, we are playing Brevity for the Extreme.

The prompt for this Flash Fiction Friday is simply the word limit: six words, one story. Here is a tip: if you get stuck, try to summarize a novel in six words, for example:

Rankless woods. Intruding albatross. Freedom realized.

This is an interpretation of Chekhov’s “The Huntsman.”

Another example, utilizing the same idea:

Strange stranger with bad deals, lol!

A quick summary from Gogols Dead Souls.

Sometimes this little trick helps to write your own brief tales. Perhaps it is stretching the boundaries of flash fiction since these are summaries from novels and short stories, however; If you were to narrate a summary to a friend you are still telling a story. The point and the intent is simply to condense a longer narrative into six words.

 What is your six word story?


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