Writing Prompt: Writing All My Days

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What if you thought of a week’s worth of days as a step in creating a story? What if one of each of the seven days in a week represented an aspect of that story. What would your writing look like if you focused on one detail inspired by a single word? What story would you tell?

In this week’s writing prompt, we are inspired by the experimental possibilities of the short story. Indeed, restraints are inherently included in the form, but rather than feel inhibited by them we can be liberated by them. A constraint can work as a workspace defined.

With this idea in mind, we are creating a space for an experiment in today’s post. In this space we will allow one word to guide our writing. Perhaps the word works in tandem with an action we need to create in our piece, or perhaps it speaks of an emotion we would like to incorporate into the work.

Below, in this list of possibilities, is a week’s worth of directions. Limping Devil Press is going to be experimenting with this right along with you (we always do). If it will help you, grab a calendar and indicate the word utilized for the day.

  • Day one:


  • Day two:


  • Day three:


  • Day four:


  • Day five:


  • Day six:


  • Day seven:


The list is not riddled with unusual or esoteric language. We just want to write. Maybe we have an attachment to certain words. Maybe certain words resonate when we approach storytelling.  Maybe some words have certain impulses built in. We are not sure, but we are certainly game for finding out.

Happy writing!


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