Writing Prompt: Remake the Myth

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Do you have a favorite myth? Perhaps there is a character, major or minor, in a myth that grabs your attention? In this week’s writing prompt, the delight, or the intrigue, you derive from a myth or character from myth will serve as inspiration.

For an added twist, try setting your myth or character in our modern world. What story could this tell? What would his or her challenges look like? How would your character go about solving his or her contemporary issues? Even though we have been highlighting short story this week, we still love poetry.

This prompt can serve poets as well. Many contemporary poets have written, rewritten or translated myth. Alice Notley’s contemporary epic The Descent of Alette is an example of contemporary poets utilizing myth.

Happy writing!

What is your favorite myth or character from myth – contemporary or classic?


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Remake the Myth

      1. AR Neal

        Of late I find myself revisiting a few of the god-realms, as well as a few detours into the yokai-realms. It’s good to let them rest occasionally and then pop back in to see what they all have been up to as time moves on 🙂

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