Writing Prompt: Hansel and Gretel Redux

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We were thinking about the various versions of Hansel and Gretel in the media these days. This classic creation of the Grimm Brothers has been re-imagined in a variety of ways. One of the better known brother and sister duos of literature has been reincarnated and placed in supernatural driven plots and G-rated fairy tales, to name a couple. Writers after the Grimm Brothers have fostered Hansel and Gretel and raised these characters to new heights based on their own creative vision.

There is something satisfying about reworking a classic tale. Hansel and Gretel seem to be a current favorite, but, the Grimm Brothers wrote cautionary tales with other characters, too. For today’s writing prompt, no doubt you see where this is going, revisit Hansel and Gretel and create your own version of this story. If this particular tale does not appeal to you, select another Grimm Brothers story, or, perhaps Hans Christian Andersen captures your imagination. Whichever you decide, enjoy a creative response of your own making to a classic tale.

Happy writing!


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