Worthy Reading: Links from the World Wide Web

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We have trotted the World, Wide Web that is, to bring you a handful of links that may inspire, interest or delight you. Some of the links are from fantastic national reads, and others are sourced from powerful blogs run by one, dedicated individual.

The hazy, lazy days of summer are indeed upon us. In some areas of the country, people are figuratively melting from the stifling heat. Others are on breezy beaches pouring over summer reads. Either way we spend our summer months, the long sunny days seem to slow our pace and encourage us to shrug off our good intentions. It is hard to work while our friends are out playing. We were thinking that a little inspiration is in order so, we gathered up a few links from the web to share with you.

Since spring is a time of renewal and birth, we are pairing it with inspiration. Perhaps the impression of beautiful, ahem, cooler weather will prompt a writing frenzy. Without further adieu, a few links to keep you writing, thinking and working, despite the imposing summer heat.


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