Unabashedly, we are total book nerds. We are intellectually leaning culture junkies who geek out over literature, books and publishing. We look at the complementary relationships literature has with other arts and obsess over that, too. Of course we fawn over the authors – the creators – as well. Since many of our literary heroes are long gone, and thus their work finite, Limping Devil Press takes up the task of keeping readers replenished; we are on the hunt for more to read.

The writing we respond to reexamines the everyday and the seemingly ordinary, which often leads to the extraordinary in literature. We are interested in the events and situations that increasingly complicate an individual’s humanity. We consider the choices writers have when language fails. How they respond when he or she encounters a thought, feeling, emotion or action beyond the scope of words and yet,  the author finds a way to articulate through a symbol. We look at writers who view their own reflection and exploit themselves for the sake of truth. We follow the writer who has more in common with an ascetic than a celebrity.